Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prop class journal: Skull day

In Prop class this week we've been working on making skulls! The students enjoyed working through the process and crafting and creating their skulls. Each student came up with their own concept for what they wanted their skull to look like and a back story, how the person died and where it rotted. Here are some pictures from class!
Here a student is demonstrating how she broke her skulls' jaw to give it a slack-jawed feel.
The next step is to cover the skull in nylons.
Here a student is posing with her nylon covered skull.
The next step is to cut and rip the nylon to simulate ripped and decaying skin
This one is fabulous.
The next step is to cover the skull in mastic with a paint brush, a crappy one.

After that you can add hair, moss or anything you want to stick on your skull.
Then spray pain and scary your roommates!!

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